Plataforma de Marketing de proximidad y Beacons

What is beacon technology?

Beacon technology ensures growth for your own business and for the brands you work for. Generate conversion and sales with proximity marketing experiences.

Beacons are devices that use Bluetooth 4.0 technology to send messages to any smartphone with no dropouts. They have a range of around 50-70 metres.

The beacons operate by proximity. They use the proximity between their sensors and smartphones in the vicinity to relay information or messages. This technology does not use as much of the user’s battery life as other systems because it transmits its signal at a very low frequency without the need for GPS. It is based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), also referred to as Bluetooth Smart.

The beacons are available in different formats:

  • Devices powered by button cell batteries.
  • USB sticks.

Technology compatible with easyContext beacons:

Mobile devices with iOS and Android with Bluetooth 4.0 or higher.

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The beacons are available in different formats.

What can you achieve with beacon technology?


Beacons allow tracking and interacting with users in real time thanks to proximity technology. You know when your consumers enter or leave, where they spend more time, and where they spend less. You will also know the product lines they pay closer attention to.


You can also use valuable information to attract users to the point of sale. Send onsite offers: you can use beacons to send customised offers to mobiles depending on each individual’s precise location.

Bespoke content

The idea is to use specific content to impact upon users within the campaign’s setting of interest, and communicate and interact with customers at the point of sale.

User behaviour

Beacons can be used to analyse user behaviour at a sporting event, a retail outlet, a trade fair, and even at a concert.


You can compile a database of users that are highly relevant to your business and whose location makes them potential consumers.


Beacon technology tells you how many people interact with a specific message, how many products are sold after a message has been received, demographic data, days with the highest audiences, the times of day that are most effective for content campaigns, and a good deal more.

Indoor browsing

Beacons enable you to geolocate consumers without the need for GPS technology. Beacon technology is much more accurate. It can be used, for example, at large-scale fairs and events (festivals, concerts, museums), as well as for security and control.

Mobile SDK. Integration in a mobile app

Beacon technology comes with software that can be integrated within the code of a brand’s mobile application. This means that the proximity platform can be used to embed new functions into the app when a customer approaches a beacon.

Automatic check-in

Beacons can be integrated into applications. Yelp, Facebook and Twitter, for example, can include beacon technology. When properly set up, users can automatically check-in at an event or venue as soon as they detect the beacon signal.

Contactless payment with a mobile device

The use of a proximity marketing solution based on beacons means you can send users QR codes or offers that can be exchanged at check-out. By developing the software you can even allow your consumers to pay at the point of sale (POS), simply using their mobiles, without having to take out their wallets or cards.

Buy your beacon devices now

At easyContext we design our own beacons in order to provide you with a comprehensive proximity marketing solution.

They are called ContextBeacon, and there are designed for brand growth.

ContextBeacon Ultra

ContextBeacon Ultra

ContextBeacon Pro

ContextBeacon Pro

ContextBeacon Mini

ContextBeacon Mini

ContextBeacon USB

ContextBeacon USB

You can compare the different models of beacons, or if you prefer you can contract a pack of customised beacons with the comprehensive proximity marketing solution.

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